breathe — relax — smile

Come in! Escape your busy day by relaxing your mind and moving your body. Breathe—Relax—Smile

Yoga Spirit offers classes for all levels in an inviting space, ensuring that each student receives attention and guidance in order to get the most out of their practice.

Practice with Yoga Spirit relieves tension — opening key centres of the body where the stresses of life are held. The methods taught by Yoga Spirit place emphasis on proper foundation and alignment in poses — the key to getting the most out of your practice. Variations in poses, or asanas, are worked on in classes, allowing each student to challenge themselves at their own pace.

Proper breathing techniques are also emphasized, allowing students to flow into poses and develop a natural rhythm to their practice. This element has many new to yoga achieving levels of flexibility and strength they never thought possible!

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About Robyn Land, RYT

She exudes a natural lightness in her teaching and helps others open up and share their inner brightness too.

Robyn’s passion for yoga began in 1999 when she first stepped onto a yoga mat. She’s been hooked ever since! Completing her teacher training through Trinity Yoga in 2006, Robyn continues to expand her knowledge of yoga through on-going training or workshops; most recently in Yoga for Children and Anusara yoga. She extends gratitude to all of her teachers that have guided her along the path that yoga has offered her.

Yoga has brought tremendous joy to Robyn’s life and she seeks to share the beauty and benefits of yoga to all who attend her classes. She exudes a natural lightness in her teaching and hopes that she can help others open up and share their inner brightness too.

When Robyn isn’t practicing or teaching, she can be found taking photos, surfing, snowboarding, cooking up a new recipe or enjoying time with friends and family.

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