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Jun 5, 2008

One-Day Getaway - Sunday June 22

I am really excited about the upcoming "One-Day Getaway: Yoga & Wellness Workshop" at the Yoga Spirit studio in Coquitlam. About a month ago, this idea popped into my head and now we have a wonderful group of presenters coming to lead workshops on a bunch of exciting and interesting topics. I hope you can make it out!

More details can be found at where you can register for the workshop as well. If you have any questions, drop me a line!

Apr 1, 2008

The sun is always shining in Vancouver

This past weekend I attended an Anusara workshop with Christina Sell. Sunday afternoon was this inspiring, uplifting and challenging 3-hour practice in a room filled with amazing spirits from all over the Lower Mainland. Christina related our practice to the crazy weather that we had over the last few days. We had a freak snow storm on Friday, wind on Saturday and all then sudden... beautiful, warm sun breaks out on Sunday. Our practice was an offering to this. The gentle effort of getting into the pose, aligning, finding our balance (even thru the wind) resulting in the pose getting bigger and brighter; this final celebration of sunshine in the asana. Beautiful.

I invite you to embrace this idea in your practices this week, whether it be on or off your mat. Can you go from 'doing' an asana or 'doing' your work to really, fully and truly 'being' in that pose or place. 'Being' in a celebration of that wonderful sunshine that is always shining both inside and out.

The sun is always shining in Vancouver, we just forget that because it is so often obscured by the clouds. But those cloudy, dark days make those moments when the sun breaks through that much more amazing. Namaste.

Mar 12, 2008

Winter Yoga Retreat

Yoga Spirit's Winter Yoga Retreat was this past weekend and it was absolutely amazing. I am so honoured to have my little spark of an idea for this retreat blossom into the 13 wonderful participants that came together up at Brew Creek Lodge. Each person brought something to the retreat within them and with all of their open hearts, shared that love and goodness with each other. One of participants came up to me yesterday and said "I feel like now I love each and every one of these people at the retreat - its like I knew them before we even got there." So amazing. In each yoga practice we did (and we did lots!) I could feel the energy of the room resonating.

I know whatever I attempt to write here will not do justice to the weekend that we had. I have put up a few of the photos that were sent to me to the right and you can also look Evan's photos up at

Looking forwards to the next one...!

Feb 14, 2008

Music of the heart

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, so this week I have focused all of my classes on heart-opening. Watching people around me, I notice how often we physically protect our heart. We wrap our shoulders forward; we slouch; we cross our arms. How much joy there is in rolling the shoulders back and in standing a little taller. Let that inner brightness shine outwards rather than containing it. You will make the world a brighter place.

I went to the Vancouver Symphony on Saturday night. There was a wonderful pianist named Orion Weiss, who played with the orchestra. And while every solo piece that he played with amazing and full of energy, it was those moments when he came together with the orchestra as a whole that brought chills to me. So like our yoga practice. We come to our mats as wonderful people within ourselves, but when we can share our movent and practice with the people around us (our yoga orchestra!), we raise up the room and pump up our own love and brightness to become radiant as a whole.

Live from your heart this week and let your love shine! Namaste.

Jan 13, 2008

January Yoga Spirit Update

Wow! It's 2008! I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the year with many more blessings on the horizon. While there is so much good stuff to look forward to this year, January is also a wonderful time to reflect on the previous year � both the good and the bad � and search out the beauty, the truths and the lessons that resulted so that we can step boldly into 2008 with wisdom. Such a yoga practice in itself!

I am excited to be offering a new program starting Thursday, January 24th out at the studio in Coquitlam (98 Brigantine Drive) called "The Progression Session." This 6-week session is to allow all-levels to come together and deepen their practice by learning about alignment principles, basic yoga philosophy, pranayama and much more. Its by pre-registration, so if you are interested, drop me an email. It will be a wonderful session with so much opportunity for learning, growing and enjoying a wonderful yoga practice.

I send the challenge out to everyone reading this to make the commitment to your practice this year. The actual act of committing to your practice and coming to a class is a yoga practice in itself; the practice of the 3rd niyama - tapas (or self-discipline). Embrace it and I look forwards to seeing you at our yoga mats!

"Self-discipline burns away impurities and kindles the sparks of divinity" - The Yoga Sutras

Dec 19, 2007

Merry Christmas

Thank you to everyone who came out to last night's yoga class and Christmas Party. We had 19 wonderful yogis and yoginis show up to share their practice with one another (perhaps 20 if we count Nicole's baby who was practicing in her belly!) and share in some goodies and Christmas cheer afterwards. Together, we raised $115 which I donated today to the SPCA's Biscuit Fund ( which provides emergancy medical care to homeless animals and wildlife.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, happiness and love. I look forwards to uniting together in practice on our yoga mats in 2008.

Peace, love and light.

Dec 14, 2007

Yoga Spirit's Christmas Party - December 18th at 7pm

Yoga Spirit will be hosting it's annual yoga and christmas party next Tuesday, December 18th at the studio (98 Brigantine Drive in Coquitlam). The class is for all levels, is open to everyone and is by donation. All the money raised will go to the SPCA's Biscuit Fund which provides emergancy medical care for wildlife and homeless animals. What better way to end a 1 hour yoga class with some food too? Join us for treats, goodies, prizes and lots of fun. Hope to see everyone there...even if it will be your first class with Yoga Spirit!

Dec 2, 2007

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

As I sit here in my warm little suite, I look out the window at the snow dumping outside and know this is the perfect place to be! I took a walk this morning in the wintery weather to find people of all ages out playing in it. Everyone had a smile on their face and were having a blast sledding, building snowmen and tossing around snowballs. Even the dogs in the park had a little more bounce and liveliness to their play.

A day like this reminds me of how I like my yoga practice to be - fun, playful and full of joy. As I step onto my mat, I let all that busyness of my life melt away so that I can move, breath and have a good time. Each time I stretch my arms up above my head I feel that surge of lightness; of upliftedness; of joy. Each time I fold within I feel the welcoming sense of grounding and balance.

Let your yoga practice be like a wonderful snowy day - a time to play, to smile, to be care-free. But also let it be like that comforting feeling of coming in from the cold weather to cushy chair and a nice warm blanket where you can curl up and watch the world passing, one snowflake at a time, outside of your window.

Nov 7, 2007

"C" is for Courage!

Each time we step onto our yoga mats, we do so with courage. The courage to move, to be strong, to face our true selves through movement. The courage to take time for ourselves. It can be a scary place - a place where you are confronted; wholeheartedly, with your body and your mind. There is no denying those times in a yoga practice when our hamstring feel tight, or our balance is all over the place, or we notice our mind wandering to what we should pack in our lunch tomorrow! The greatest lesson in all of that is how to be okay with it; how to accept YOU. Just as you are.

Now that autumn is here with its shorter days and darker weather, we often feel like curling up under our covers and resting. Autumn is a time of introspection; of self-assement. It's like the squirrels running around, packing their cheeks (and trees!) with food. They are constantly assessing if they have enough "stuff" to get them through the winter. Take this time of introspection to look within yourself, to discover what you need to add into your live or what you can get rid of that might be holding you back. With courage, move into your inner brightness and find that perfection that lies within. With courage, step onto your yoga mat.

Oct 31, 2007


Happy Halloween! Today is the launch day of the new Yoga Spirit site and I am happy to be able to share new features of this site with you all. Keep checking back for new photos, class sequences and write-ups in this section. If you have any questions about your practice, or yoga in general, please email me and I can answer your questions right here in the blog.

The word Yoga means "to unite." My vision for this site is to form a community where people can come to learn more about yoga and get involved in classes or events that are happening in our area. I am always open to your comments and thoughts, so please don't hestitate to let me know what you think!

I wish you all a Happy Halloween and look forwards growing this site with your help and support.


The main lodge and dining area - nice and cozy infront of the fire!

Entry Bridge over Brew Creek (taken by Cheryl)

Brew Creek Lodge (taken by Cheryl)

Winter Yoga Retreat - the lodge and the entry bridge (taken by Cheryl)


Robyn, Gina and Tyler in handstand

Robyn, Amber and Tyler in Navasana

Leslie and Gina in Natarjasana

Amber and Gina are supported by Tyler and Leslie in a heart opening backbend

Mommy Yoginis and their baby buddhas

Sharon, Shauna and Judith in an fierce twist pose

Zoe loves Mom and Baby Yoga!

Shauna and Helena share some Child's Pose time

Side Bakasana

The lovely women of the "Find Your Yoga Spirit" Retreat 07

Robyn & Anna Partner Downward Dog with help from Judith and Dianna (Retreat 07)

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