Alexis Quednau

Alexis has been exploring yoga for over a decade and finds it hard to imagine her life without this revealing and inspiring practice. A graduate of Prana Yoga College, she loves to pair simple pranayama with classical hatha poses. Alexis also draws on her background in the performing arts to lead classes defined by their focus on alignment, vivid imagery and a relaxed sense of play. She grants graceful demonstrations of the asanas, as well as gentle adjustments, and especially clear and eloquent instructions.

Having over-come a debilitating knee injury is one reason why Alexis understands that each person needs guidance specific to their own distinct body; and, since yoga helped her to recover her health, she is a firm believer in its power to heal. Alexis wishes for each of her classes to provide the context for students to unwind, let go and so experience true presence and joy.