Oksana Yatsenko

Oksana’s first interest in yoga was sparked through her parent’s practice. During her teenage years, growing up in Central Asia, spending time with local yogis and connecting with nature were her favorite pass times.
Her desire to share yoga with others and foster healthy community brought her to Semperviva Yoga College in the fall of 2010, where she completed her Teacher Training certification under the guidance of Gloria Latham. Oksana continues her studies in the art of teaching and yoga through many local teachers and self-study. Oksana’s core belief as a Teacher, is that Yoga is really for any body and everybody. It is not about dramatic advanced poses or elaborate chants. It is about commitment to personal care and practice, about stepping on the mat every day, even if only for 5 minutes of sitting quietly or going through some favorite poses, there is a benefit, one just has to start and commit to regular practice. Most important value that was instilled by Oksana’s teachers and the one she completely take to heart is that Yoga is practice for people from all walks of life, religious or secular, anybody can practice in a way that nurtures and compliments one’s personal beliefs and lifestyle. It is a teacher’s job to show and teach students the right physical aspects of practice with respect to individual beliefs. But at the same time if questions are to arise from students about spiritual side of the practice, Oksana is always happy to share her experience and refer them to other sources for spiritual aspects of Yoga. Oksana is a practicing Hindu and vegetarian since 1998. Oksana presently teaching: Hatha, Power Flow, Kundalini, Yin, Prenatal, Kids&Family yoga

“New beginners always inspire me and I love to see student’s progress. I also learn a whole lot from my students about patience, joy of practice and perseverance. Teaching feels very natural to me and it is my life’s commitment to develop my personal teaching style that will keep my students engaged and practicing with the best teacher I can be.”