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Saturday, July 10: Aerial Yoga Workshop


An exhilarating workshop experience.... Expand. Deepen. Connect. Embrace. Enjoy. Love. Liberate.

With the brilliant enthusiasm of your inner five year old brimming, we jump right in to an exploration that feels more like playtime! Combining the wisdom of yoga with the best ‘airplane ride’ ever, we’ll immerse ourselves within the world of acrobatic yoga!

This practice will introduce you to amazing new ways of developing awareness, connection, courage, strength, and flexibility. It is a unique style of partner yoga that teaches one partner to be stable, aware, and directive (the “base”) while the other partner learns to open, surrender deeply, and trust (the “flyer”). The workshop will cover, for new practitioners, numerous entrances into several unique mounts (initial positions), key requirements to be an effective base and/or flyer, safety points, and simple transitions to link in-flight postures. For those that have experienced this type of yoga before we will be layering in intermediate mounts, postures, and transitions to satisfy your appetite for adventure.

Is this for everyone? For sure! No experience is required. Only an openness to physical contact with others. If that is a sensitive area for you, bring a friend or partner that you're comfortable making contact with.

Price $40 pre-registration, $45 at door (+GST) Facilitator: Trevor Yelich Click here to watch a video of Aerial Yoga

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Sunday, July 11: Meditation Workshop


Living as Meditation An exploration into the art and science of Meditation

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. - Rumi

We are Always Already Perfect… Always Already Whole. Our essential Nature is nothing less than Pure Love, Light, Freedom, and Peace. And yet separation and suffering is often our experience. Ignorance, ego, craving, aversion, and fear of death underlie much of our minds activities. For thousands of years, countless humans have journeyed inwards to resolve this sense of separation and suffering – to remember the Truth. Countless teachings and practices have arisen in response to this seeking.

This workshop will introduce you to practical meditation and contemplation techniques that are elegantly designed for reawakening to your Truth – your essential Nature. Simple and profound, these techniques will also serve you deeply in everyday life by promoting relaxation, openness, clarity, focus, centeredness, and peace of mind.

No experience is required. Bring your openness for Self-inquiry and exploration.

Price $30 pre-registration, $35 at door (+GST) Facilitator: Trevor Yelich

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Saturday, July 24th Camp Moomba Yogathon

On Saturday, July 24, 2010, two thousand people will participate in the 8th Annual Camp Moomba Yogathon & Blissfest to raise awareness and funds for children impacted by HIV/AIDS. The much needed funds raised from this event will help send a child to summer camp for an experience of a lifetime. Please join the Yoga Spirit team in 108 minutes of yoga outdoors on a beautiful, warm summer day. This event is the largest outdoor yoga class in Western Canada and will host yoga instructors, yoga students, health and wellness professionals, and people who share a passion for wellness, love and bliss. The Blissfest Marketplace is a showcase of sustainable consumer products, clothing, services and delicacies. The Blissfest will be featured along with live music and a Kid’s Corner. Kids ages 12 and under are free!

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Sunday, July 25th Kriya Workshop

Kriyas are a yogic cleansing and purification processes to bring greater balance to the mind, body and spirit. Join Mina in learning (and experiencing!) many kriyas and how they can be beneficial in both your practice and daily life. Price: $30 pre-registration