Why Yoga Spirit?

With a ton of other yoga studios around the Lower Mainland, why choose Yoga Spirit?

What you will get at Yoga Spirit is:

  • small class sizes (a maximum of 12 people per class!),
  • hands-on adjustments to help you align in poses (asanas)
  • teachers who know who you are and what your abilities are so that they can continuously support and challenge you as your practice grows.
  • an amazing and growing community of like-minded individuals.
  • a safe, inspiring and uplifting space to explore yoga!

The Yoga Spirit Philosophy

Yoga Spirit offers classes for all levels in an intimate, inviting space, ensuring that each student receives attention and guidance in order to get the most out of their practice.

Practice with Yoga Spirit relieves tension — opening key centres of the body where the stresses of life are held. The methods taught by Yoga Spirit place emphasis on proper foundation and alignment in poses — the key to getting the most out of your practice. Variations in poses, or asanas, are worked on in classes, allowing each student to challenge themselves at their own pace.

Proper breathing techniques are also emphasized, allowing students to flow into poses and develop a natural rhythm to their practice. This element has many new to yoga achieving levels of flexibility and strength they never thought possible!

About Us

Robyn Land started Yoga Spirit in 2006 hoping to share her love of yoga with the community. The company has grown from a group of five students that met once a week in the beginning to moving into a bright and beautiful studio space which opened in Burnaby in September, 2008. Robyn was joined by Lou Lynn, as a partner in the studio, in July 2010. Robyn and Lou are both excited to see Yoga Spirit continue to grow and thank all of the Yoga Spirit students for their encouragement and support along this journey.

Our Mission:

To provide a welcoming and safe environment to share, learn and experience the benefits of yoga with the community. To encourage the union of mind, body and spirit so that students may reach towards their fullest potential.

Our Vision:

To empower each practitioner to experience the joyful benefits of a healthy mind and body to enliven and enrich their spirit.

Our Values:

With the idea of “one truth, many paths” we strive to provide a comprehensive yoga program through the offering of many different yoga traditions


"Yoga Spirit is hands down my favourite yoga studio I have ever been to! The instructors are extremely compassionate, friendly and helpful, and the small class sizes create a cozy and welcoming environment which helps my yoga practice to grow and blossom. I feel so welcome in this studio!" - Meghan

"I wanted to take this time to thank you and the space you created. I have tried some other yoga settings and the one you provide is the most comfortable and serene. You have all the blocks and bolsters and blankets and some great, patient and understanding instructors." - Chantelle

" I have honestly never practiced in a studio with better energy." - Candice

"I love Yoga Spirit....It has made such a positive impact on my life, keep up the great work!!" - Kristy

"I really enjoy my experience at Yoga Spirit, especially the small classes. the instructors are great and the atmosphere is inviting."